Friday, April 19, 2019

NaPoWriMo -19 Day- 7: Gifts

Day 7- Prompt: Write a poem of gifts and joy. What would you give yourself, if you could have anything? What would you give someone else?

My Gift List

I want huge packs of contentment and serenity
I want ladles of acceptance and maturity
I want generous dollops of wit
garnished with tangy brilliance
I want lumps of humour, topped with cheer
I want chunks of grace laced with generosity    
I want scoops of confidence whisked with alacrity
PC: Borrowed from the internet
I want slices of smartness tossed with courage
I want grated tolerance and diced patience
I want loads of health, iced with humility
And yes don’t forget, I need a surplus of
forgiveness and compassion

May be I have all of these
In moderate amounts now,
but I could do with more, much more
and then I can go around
sharing it with those everyone else too…

Thursday, April 18, 2019

NaPoWriMo -19 Day-6: Possibilities

Day 6: Prompt: Write a poem of the possible. Focus not on what has happened, or what will happen, but on what might happen if the conditions are right. Write a poem that emphasizes the power of “if,” of the woulds and coulds and shoulds of the world.

Beware! Be Aware! 
PC: borrowed from the net

If I spelt out my every thought
If I chuckled at every mischief
If I guffawed in brazen glee
If I sniggered my every disdain
If I indulged my every tantrum
If I quivered at my every fear
If I vent my every spite
If I blushed at every snub
If I bristled at every avarice
If I apologized for every folly
If I succumbed to every pity
If I shed every tear of my sorrow
If I showed all my love

I would have been me and yet not ME
For it is with so much care and caution
that I have nurtured the ME
that you and I get to see

NaPoWriMo -19 Day-5: Villanelle

Day 5 - Prompt: Write a poem that incorporates at least one of the following: (1) the villanelle form, (2) lines taken from an outside text, and/or (3) phrases that oppose each other in some way. If you can use two elements, great – and if you can do all three, wow! 

The classic villanelle has five three-line stanzas followed by a final, four-line stanza. The first and third lines of the first stanza alternately repeat as the last lines of the following three-line stanzas, before being used as the last two lines of the final quatrain. 

I have attempted the villanelle form and I have also incorporated lines- 2 lines actually from two different poems: "No time to stand and stare" from the poem "Leisure"  by  W. H. Davies, and "And that has made all the difference" from the poem "The road not taken" by Robert Frost. 


No time to stand and stare
No time to linger, no time to ponder
PC: borrowed from the internet
And that has made all the difference!

Oh! To dawdle, to just amble by
But no, it has come to this
No time to stand and stare...

The sighing leaves, they beckon
I pause and listen to tales unspoken             
And that has made all the difference!

Oh! To just let go of moments that flit by
To forget that one has just
No time to stand and stare...

I turned to look behind me
There was no path of return
And that has made all the difference!

So seize I shall every moment
Toss away every care
Scrap the notion that there is
No time to stand and stare
And that has made all the difference!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

NaPoWriMo -19 Day-4: Sonnet

Day 4 : Prompt : Write a sad poem,one that, achieves sadness through simplicity. Playing with the sonnet form may help – its very compactness can compel you to be straightforward, using plain, small words. 

I have managed to write a poem in 14 lines, but I have not adhered to any rhyme scheme. 


She lay serene, Decked in bridal finery
PC: borrowed from internet
Eyes closed in mortal sleep
Yesterday she is and today she was
The soggy air mingled with the
Fragrance of wasted blossoms
One by one they walked in
Smudged eyes on lost faces
Silent whispers and pungent sighs
Hollow sounds of solace
Bouncing across nowhere
One by one they walked away
With languorous steps
Leaving him and his daughters
Lone in their burden of grief…

NaPoWriMo -19 Day-3: Action across time

Day 3 : Prompt : Write something that involves a story or action that unfolds over an appreciable length of time. Perhaps, as you do, you can focus on imagery, or sound, or emotional content (or all three!)

Beyond Reach

I wish I could close my eyes
And then when I open them
I find myself out there at a distant point in the future
a place that is more comfortable, more serene
PC: borrowed from the internet
from where I am today

But I don’t see that happening
To reach there, I need to pass through the today
And today right now, feels difficult to trudge through
Every leaden moment lugging itself wearily

Wasn’t that  another yesterday when I longed to be at
this  point  in the present – a place better than where I was
only this had seemed so far away  then
I look around and I now notice that I am in that place
That had been the future of my past

So I guess if I just hold on
I shall get to be in the future of my present
A place more comfortable, more serene
than where I am now
Let me close my eyes… and wait…

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

NaPoWriMo Day 2: Questions

Day 2 : Prompt: to write a poem that  resists closure by ending on a question, inviting the reader to continue the process of reading (and, in some ways, writing) the poem even after the poem ends.


Why does it happen again and
PC: borrowed from the internet
Then yet again?
Don’t know what to think
Fear claws through the soul
Singeing the heart
There is no rhyme or reason
Why is there no explanation?
The doubts, the pain keeps returning
There is no logic, No rationale
The questions keep rising
Their eerie echoes haunting
Searing through the heart
But Whom does one ask?
Who has the answers?
Groping in the darkness
Through never ending alleys
Along Life’s labyrinth
Running in circles, Hitting against walls
Seeking reprieve, seeking solace
Where should one go?
Where does one look?

NaPoWriMo Day 1: An Instruction Manual to do…

Prompt Day 1 :Write a poem that provide the reader with instructions on how to do something. 

It can be like a recipe:

Dust - Powder- Sprinkle!

PC: borrowed from the internet 
When the mind is agitated
When the thoughts and words
clamour to spew forth
Pause, ponder , muse upon
Select, Pick and choose
Review, revise , revisit
Weigh, measure, dole
Stir, toss, blend
Blow off the steam
Let the froth settle
Now  extend, offer, serve
Gently, carefully, tenderly

Na/GloPoWriMo 19- Early Bird Prompt

Na/GloPoWriMo 2019, otherwise known as “that month in which you write a poem a day for 30 days.”

I am as usual late to the party, but I intend to try and catch up in my own sweet time...I begin with the early Bird prompt, where the challenge is to  write a poetic self-portrait, in which one has to portray oneself in the guise of a historical or mythical figure.

I am not sure if "The Velveteen rabbit" qualifies to to be a historical/ mythical figure but I wish to assume the guise of The Velveteen Rabbit. I have read the book as a child and keep going to it again and again... each time the story unravels more  magically , more poignantly. It speaks to me at several levels and there is certain stability, a sense of balance, a sense of assurance that it gives me...

Real is not what I am made of-  
I had to become real- said the Skin Horse
I did not understand, because inside, deep inside I felt real…
It hurts to become real- said the skin horse- and he must know
pic courtesy: the internet.
The Boy calls me real- and so real I am- only the others don’t know it yet…
It’s been a rough ride, to become real
It doesn’t do to be fragile or brittle
It doesn’t do to have sharp edges
The sheen of my coat has waned, the seams are showing,
My spots have faded, My vision is blurred,
Yet my heart is full, for I know how it feels to be loved
Nothing else matters
And now I can be on my own, because once I am real
I am real forever…

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Whoa! Did I really see that?
Were those thoughts borne in my mind
I refuse to acknowledge them
I disown them here and now
The images, the conversations
Couldn’t have been mine
Then how did they find their way into my dream
I relinquish my ownership over them
I solemnly declare that
The characters and the events in my dream are purely imaginary
And bear no resemblance with reality
Freud! I know you not!
The thoughts and events projected in my dream
are not manifestation of repressed thoughts!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Amorphous musings

reticence misconstrued as aloofness
loquaciousness assumed as friendliness
why does amiability need to be verbose
silence can be sincere and not sinister

Please let me be...

I want to become increasingly silent,
especially on the outside,

I don’t want to be dragged
into the clamour of noises around me.

I want to remain untouched
by all the brouhaha around me, about me.

I want to remain stable, balanced,
in spite of everything.

I want to watch, I want to listen.
I want to remain silent.
I want to be ‘allowed’ to remain silent.

I don’t want to worry
about how people might judge me
for wanting to be left alone.

I want to creep inside me,
deep within the
innermost recesses of the mind .
And I want to remain there.

No heal, no repair

That the written word
could reverberate  loud
louder than thunder

That the written word
could scorch right through the soul
leaving in its wake raw , acrid blisters

That the written word
could leave one writhing
in painful anguish

That the written word
could fester and foment
as scratches on the heart

for a long time to come...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The soul flies high....

The tinkle of my anklets 
had become silent with time
And now a whiff from the past 
Stir sleeping memories
No anklets on my feet
And yet the chime resonates
There is no dais
And yet my feet they dance
to a soundless melody...

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Ambushed by shrapnel words searing the soul piercing, lacerating vitriolic volley

bloodless wounds never to heal Invisible scars Silent screams Unshed tears Unspent fury

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Hidden truths
Smothered For years…
Frozen anger
Buried deep

Eulogical chants,
Uttered in delusion
Hollow sounds of
Ignorant grief
Rending the air

The ice cracks
Streams of fury
Gurgling and frothing
Threatening to spill over…

Futile fervour
Not worthwhile
Let Bygones be
The haze has cleared

Seething no more
Rage spent
Breathing calm
In benign repose …

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To the unknown

Of talent I claim not…
Of skill I pretend not...
Of technique I know not…
Of Craft I dare not…

Just a bold Gesture;
of exhilaration, of enchantment
Of fulfillment, of gratitude
Of serenity, of surrender…

Merely a response from within
To a call from without,
To reach out to the Beyond…
To the Unknown…

( pic courtesy: Rumi:

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Game is over

The shimmering , blinding veneer
painstakingly built
Over years of solitary toil 
Came crumbling down
The mask ripped into shreds
Scattered in the dust

The hideous face contorted in wickedness
hitherto hidden
now unveiled for all to gape at
raw emotions swathed in toxic sounds
Like pus oozing out from festering wounds
The charade exposed

The moments slithered in serpentine loops
All fury spent , a hollow crumbly shell
Stooped in self loathing,
Stripped of all remnants
of glory and elegance…
the stench prevails...

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Sunday, April 5, 2015


When I think about those days
I know how I felt about you
I know what I remember,

I remember when the moments froze
As You looked deep into my eyes
Your eyes so intense
Like they bore into my soul
We spoke without words
We heard without sounds

How strange was it
That the world kept moving
Blissfully unaware of the turmoil
Unleashed In two hearts

The whole universe had changed
And yet no one knew
The minds welded together
Together or far apart

All the difference made
Simply because
You knew someone cared
Someone remembered… 

Making the twilight hour
A tint brighter
Making the wait for the dawn
Worth the while…

It's been a long time now
And now I wonder what you thought about me,
How you felt about me then
About our time together

What is it that you remember about me
What is it that you liked about me
Which are those little moments that you cherish
What is it that you miss
When you remember me now?

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sanctum of Silence

seeking solace in silence
silence is loud
silence is easier
silence is comfy

the air is dense
with unspoken thoughts
words not uttered
reluctant  to spill

when there's nothing to be said
how does one make small talk
carving  words from nowhere
creating contrived sounds

such a pain, such a waste

don't mistake my silences
but if no happy words
why speak at all?

crawling into myself
seeking refuge 
am not angry, am not sour
just that silence is soothing
silence is easy
silence is comfy

I love the sound of silence...

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


discontent thick like an oil slick
leaching the soul 
bitterness gnawing the insides
scourging it raw

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Life decoloured

They bathed her in turmeric

draped her in scarlet silk

adorned her with crimson bangles
smeared her parting with vermillion

strung her hair with jasmine...

Then amid wailing and tears

they swathed her in white

shattered her bangles

smudged the vermillion

ripped away the jasmine

leaving her stripped and bereft

in body, mind and soul...

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