Thursday, December 1, 2016


Whoa! Did I really see that?
Were those thoughts borne in my mind
I refuse to acknowledge them
I disown them here and now
The images, the conversations
Couldn’t have been mine
Then how did they find their way into my dream
I relinquish my ownership over them
I solemnly declare that
The characters and the events in my dream are purely imaginary
And bear no resemblance with reality
Freud! I know you not!
The thoughts and events projected in my dream
are not manifestation of repressed thoughts!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Amorphous musings

reticence misconstrued as aloofness
loquaciousness assumed as friendliness
why does amiability need to be verbose
silence can be sincere and not sinister

Please let me be...

I want to become increasingly silent,
especially on the outside,

I don’t want to be dragged
into the clamour of noises around me.

I want to remain untouched
by all the brouhaha around me, about me.

I want to remain stable, balanced,
in spite of everything.

I want to watch, I want to listen.
I want to remain silent.
I want to be ‘allowed’ to remain silent.

I don’t want to worry
about how people might judge me
for wanting to be left alone.

I want to creep inside me,
deep within the
innermost recesses of the mind .
And I want to remain there.

No heal, no repair

That the written word
could reverberate  loud
louder than thunder

That the written word
could scorch right through the soul
leaving in its wake raw , acrid blisters

That the written word
could leave one writhing
in painful anguish

That the written word
could fester and foment
as scratches on the heart

for a long time to come...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The soul flies high....

The tinkle of my anklets 
had become silent with time
And now a whiff from the past 
Stir sleeping memories
No anklets on my feet
And yet the chime resonates
There is no dais
And yet my feet they dance
to a soundless melody...

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Ambushed by shrapnel words searing the soul piercing, lacerating vitriolic volley

bloodless wounds never to heal Invisible scars Silent screams Unshed tears Unspent fury

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Hidden truths
Smothered For years…
Frozen anger
Buried deep

Eulogical chants,
Uttered in delusion
Hollow sounds of
Ignorant grief
Rending the air

The ice cracks
Streams of fury
Gurgling and frothing
Threatening to spill over…

Futile fervour
Not worthwhile
Let Bygones be
The haze has cleared

Seething no more
Rage spent
Breathing calm
In benign repose …

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To the unknown

Of talent I claim not…
Of skill I pretend not...
Of technique I know not…
Of Craft I dare not…

Just a bold Gesture;
of exhilaration, of enchantment
Of fulfillment, of gratitude
Of serenity, of surrender…

Merely a response from within
To a call from without,
To reach out to the Beyond…
To the Unknown…

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Game is over

The shimmering , blinding veneer
painstakingly built
Over years of solitary toil 
Came crumbling down
The mask ripped into shreds
Scattered in the dust

The hideous face contorted in wickedness
hitherto hidden
now unveiled for all to gape at
raw emotions swathed in toxic sounds
Like pus oozing out from festering wounds
The charade exposed

The moments slithered in serpentine loops
All fury spent , a hollow crumbly shell
Stooped in self loathing,
Stripped of all remnants
of glory and elegance…
the stench prevails...

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Sunday, April 5, 2015


When I think about those days
I know how I felt about you
I know what I remember,

I remember when the moments froze
As You looked deep into my eyes
Your eyes so intense
Like they bore into my soul
We spoke without words
We heard without sounds

How strange was it
That the world kept moving
Blissfully unaware of the turmoil
Unleashed In two hearts

The whole universe had changed
And yet no one knew
The minds welded together
Together or far apart

All the difference made
Simply because
You knew someone cared
Someone remembered… 

Making the twilight hour
A tint brighter
Making the wait for the dawn
Worth the while…

It's been a long time now
And now I wonder what you thought about me,
How you felt about me then
About our time together

What is it that you remember about me
What is it that you liked about me
Which are those little moments that you cherish
What is it that you miss
When you remember me now?

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sanctum of Silence

seeking solace in silence
silence is loud
silence is easier
silence is comfy

the air is dense
with unspoken thoughts
words not uttered
reluctant  to spill

when there's nothing to be said
how does one make small talk
carving  words from nowhere
creating contrived sounds

such a pain, such a waste

don't mistake my silences
but if no happy words
why speak at all?

crawling into myself
seeking refuge 
am not angry, am not sour
just that silence is soothing
silence is easy
silence is comfy

I love the sound of silence...

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


discontent thick like an oil slick
leaching the soul 
bitterness gnawing the insides
scourging it raw

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Life decoloured

They bathed her in turmeric

draped her in scarlet silk

adorned her with crimson bangles
smeared her parting with vermillion

strung her hair with jasmine...

Then amid wailing and tears

they swathed her in white

shattered her bangles

smudged the vermillion

ripped away the jasmine

leaving her stripped and bereft

in body, mind and soul...

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Monday, March 3, 2014


the burnished last leaves of autumn 
lying in wait for tranquil footsteps
their muted sighs rustling in the wind...
waiting  to whisper in my ears
tales unspoken, unheard
before they shrivel and drop...
why don't I tarry, the walk is  eternal,
the time is beyond, I'm in no hurry.
For I've no promises to keep before I sleep... 

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Saturday, December 21, 2013


teetering on the brink hovering over another world, another time... possibilities,probabilities never visited,never ventured
but in dreams...

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Looking askance questions looming Answers sought None forthcoming...

Gone forever

Its been awhile
the vales had been silent
the waves had ebbed
the soul lulled to slumber
and then from the beyond
again a beckon...

shhh...A plea;

do not awaken 
sleeping thoughts
the time is past
do not reckon...

that which was, ceases
that which is, remains
that which cannot, doesn't;

let bygones be bygones...

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the days have trundled by 
in pleasant lethargy 
a tinge of pall lines the horizon...

standing at the fringes of Time
anticipating the tides to change...

Loud Silences

a thought is born unbidden seeking escape it shall not find words to adorn deep inside the soul it remains hidden, unspoken

no words shall escape my lips, 

my thoughts shall remain caged - 
hear my silences ,understand, respond...

the loveliest thoughts are left unspoken...

Feeling you...

when the skies darken the wind caresses my hair the crimson of the horizon spreads across my cheeks I close my eyes and find you beside

why is it that on such days as this I feel you are not afar but somewhere near...


Until we make the decision, 
the mind vacillates. 
Pause, hear the voice of your soul and choose- 
don't turn back...

Crests and Troughs

a world deep inside, a world separate, a world far removed...
and then some fetters drag you in,suck you in, 
you tug, you pull to stay afloat...

the ripples recede,the waters are placid once again,

you sink into the illusory stupor 
until yet another stone is thrown
into the river of life..

In vain...

a nudge, a whisper, a yawn, 
stray words to clinch attention...
all futile shots...
random oblivion 
or conscious neglect?

Sting of Envy

a sharp twinge of envy...
singeing the soul
no salve that soothes
the searing sting...

Moving on...

the sound of my name on your lips the call for me in your voice... to listen, to respond, once again...

to have spoken, to have listened,

retracing some steps from the past... 
the heart is gladdened; 
and the present is enlivened

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Spreading cheer...

surly faces rapt in centered zones
the conductor though was in a witty mood
chirping merrily random comments
slowly, warily glances exchanged,smiles flickered
 the world inside the bus had become a warmer place...

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Pack of Dominoes

A series of events unravel
like a pack of toppling dominoes
now to stack them up again
neatly, correctly
such a pain, let them remain
scattered, fallen... 

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The twilight blaze
pours its molten gold
into the blue...

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The sky beckons
avowing Eternity;
I feign ignorance
The ripples have receded for now,
the surface is placid;
who looks beneath-
the beguiling serenity...

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Most Beautiful Thing

                                                        MY MOST BEAUTIFUL THING 


When I think about my most beautiful thing, I can only think about moments in my life that have spurred exquisite joy, untold gratitude within me. Such beautiful moments have been splattered on the fabric of my life at random moments , enriching its hue and texture. Moments that I've been aware of as being most Special Blessings even as they unfolded into the weft and warp of my present. Moments that I enjoyed while experiencing them and watching them with full awareness. Moments that I highlighted and then set them aside in the recesses of my soul, knowing that I would want to revisit them , savouring the richness and the flavour over and over again in the future.

Some such moments fell into my lap during my recent stay with my brother and family. It was a most beautiful time that I had with them and I kept on gathering the sparkling gems of memory each day. The love and the care that was doled out to me by the dollops, I lapped up greedily. Small, simple daily gestures of affection, care and consideration borne of love had my heart brimming with joy and gratitude.  It was sheer delight to spend quality time with my brother, sister- in-law and my two darling nephews.  I do not know what Tomorrow may bring, but I do know that the sacred memory of the last two months with my brother's family, I'll cherish until my last breath.  

Those exquisite moments of-                                                       
joy, gratitude and serenity                                                                  
swelling within the soul;
threatening to burst forth 
as tears through the eyes...
I close my eyes, 
clutching my memories- 
tight to my soul;
I whisper my Thanks -
to the Universe,
For The Most Beautiful Moments!

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