Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dead End- Stone # 53

somebody just picked up and left
no goodbyes, no farewells

the onus on those left behind
to trudge through the quicksand of life

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Lonely Journey- Stone # 52

Lonely Journey

Every person trapped in a bubble
caved in by diaphanous walls
A fleeting illusion of togetherness

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Viscous Time - Stone # 51

Viscous time 

The days did not stop
crawling from one to another
each moment heavier than the last

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Brimming over -Stone # 50

Brimming Over 

Sparkling rivulet
spluttered forth
in unruly candour

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kaleidoscope- Stone # 49


Vibrant collage
of coloured wings
holding court mid heavens

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Gift Unwrapped- Stone # 48

Gift Unwrapped 

Wielding scissors
Slashing at cellophane
Mounting expectation
Childish Glee!

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Trapped- Stone # 47


Wizened faces
Shrivelled bodies
clutching to vacant souls
seeking to escape

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Pandemonium- Stone # 46


A cauldron of crows
circling high in the skies
creating a clamour

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mar 25th- Stone 45


Sitting, waiting, watching
another time, another place
Unbelievable, Unreal...

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Mar 21st- Stone 44


some words,uttered before,
listened to,responded to,
then set aside...
the ripples remain after
the moment is long gone
and the hangover lingers...

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Mar 19th- Stone 43


Scattered thoughts, baffled feelings
Was it really so long ago
seemed like just yesterday
Nothings's changed?

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Mar 17th- Stone 42


Precious voices
Beyond seas
Across continents
sustenance ensured

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Mar 13th- Stone 41

Fury Incarnate 

The earth moved, 
the ocean in a frenzy,
surged forth to swallow land
A nation ravaged...

Mar 11th- Stone 40

Metal in Bloom

Round and round the electric wires
leaves, buds and flowers sprouted!

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Mar 10th- Stone 39

Fine tuning

Tuning in and tuning out 
the static grating on the ears
And then at a precise frequency
clear as a bell!

Mar 8th- Stone 38

Nimble feet

The striped squirrel sprinted sprightly 
dodging the jagged glass edges 
of the compound wall.

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Mar 7th- Stone 37

Salangai Oli
Rapture, Blessings )

Quivering bells on 
poised feet
waiting in the wings
for the music to begin...

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Mar 6th- Stone 36


The evening sun peering through the 
gossamer strands of the cobweb drapery

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Mar 5th- Stone 35

Once Upon a Time... 

Lines creasing the face
sparse greys adorning the pate
knees bent, unsteady gait
teeth stained and broken
Eyes misty in past glory...

Mar 3rd- Stone 34

Looking at the larger picture- Mar 3rd

 Zoom in and you get enmeshed in
 the intricate warps , wefts and hues
Stand afar and the image emerges with clarity!

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Mar 2nd- Stone 33

If Only- Mar 2nd

For a glimpse of  Lost Souls in
The star spangled sapphire silk 
stretching endlessly...

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Mar 1st- Stone 32

Reflected Glory- Mar 1st

On the wall, behind the cloth rack, was a round slice of golden light!
The mirror on the opposite wall shimmered in reflected Glory!

Feb 28th- Stone 31

Tongue tantaliser- Feb 28th

the savoury was first crushed,
sprayed with sizzling chickpea gravy
topped with green, brown and red sauces
garnished with finely chopped tomatoes,onions,
sev and coriander sprigs...

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Feb 27th- Stone 30

Homeward bound- Feb 27th

Flapping wings, their paths intersecting, 
they bound home wards,
far into the Twilight Orange mist...

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Feb 26th- Stone 29

Magic of Sewing- Feb 26th

Fabric, thread, needle
Measuring, drawing,cutting, sewing
Hand on wheel, 
feet on treadle
from whole to bits and then whole again...

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Feb 25th- Stone 28

Scaffolding- Feb 25th

Today under the blazing sun 
with cement and dust all around, 
some romping about, between wobbly planks and thin air 
and some perched precariously between land and the skies...
to create inviolable fenced in spaces 
for strangers Tomorrow...

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Feb 24th- Stone 27

In the classroom- Feb 24th 

Edifying synergy, Ebullient creativity
Vivacious voices, tethered down by timidity
waiting for that gentle nudge of encouragement and succour
to surge forth in abandon...

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Feb 23rd- Stone 26

Playing Truant? -Feb 23rd

Yesterday the sun was blazing,today nowhere to be seen
the wind is blowing chill,the clouds have rallied
will it rain or won't it?

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Feb 22nd- Stone 25

Chock-a-block- Feb 22nd

The yellow and black giant bug
bursting at the seams 
with its precious cargo
tottered into the precincts
chuckles and screams heard from afar
one by one they spilled onto the outside...

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Feb 21st- Stone 24

Tidal wave- Feb 21st

some days the waters are still, no ripples , placid and calm
easy to watch from the shore
some days there are small ripples, causing hardly any flutter
easy to remain ashore watching

and then there are those days
its windy, there are eddies
swirling and turbulent
and now sucked into the vortex
struggling to stay afloat...

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Feb 20th- Stone 23

Illusion -Feb 20th

During some random moment
My vacant gaze falls upon the mosaic tiles 
shapes and colours emerge swimming languidly 
creating a splattered collage...

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Feb 19th- Stone 22

The Train- Feb 19th

The rumbling gets nearer
There is a slight tremor
A fleeting vision of windows,doors and faces
Yet another cargo of humanity
racing to reach somewhere...

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Feb 18th- Stone 21

Lull - Feb 18th

The night is still
The trees and leaves are still
Even the air is still
Has somebody pressed the Pause button of Life? 

Feb 17th- Stone 20

Reach of the Sun Blades - Feb 17th

Blades of sunshine
searing through the coconut fronds 
in the distant grove...
scorching the doorstep...

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Feb 16th- Stone 19

Whats Brewing!- Feb 16th

The spatula slicing through the  splattering stew 
a pinch of this, a dash of that... 
simmering low
the aroma just right
not too pungent, not too bland...

Feb 15th- Stone 18

Strangers- Feb 15th

For a brief slice of time
Two people share the same space
No glances exchanged
No words uttered
The bus comes
And they part forever... 

Feb 14- Stone 17

Seeking Warmth- Feb 14th 

The sun tracing geometric patterns 
on the floor through the lattice of the windows...
making it just a tad bit warmer...

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Feb 13- Stone 16

All that remains- Feb 13th

Memories trapped in the mind
Tears trapped in the eyes
Sobs choked in the throat...

mage trapped in a frame!

Feb 12 - Stone 15

Aflame - Feb 12th

Crackling sounds
Blinding smoke
Licking flames
Burning leaves...

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Feb 11th- Stone 14

Blessed Oblivion- Feb 11th

Under the skies, below the over bridge
covered by a tattered sheet, feet sticking out
flies hovering...
blissfully asleep.

Feb 10th Stone 13

The Day After-Feb 10th

The wedding is over
The Day after is also gone
The bride has left
All that remains is the withered festoon
and some scattered rice and turmeric on the floor...

Reading the above, I stopped short! I went back to look at my stones...and there in almost every single stone, 'I' loomed large! It was all about me...I was hardly 'invisible'. My writing has always been about laying myself bare!! Where do I conceal myself as I look, listen and perceive? Interesting, challenging...)

Feb 9th Stone 12

Aliment - Feb 9th

She had her child on her lap, chattering to her about birds and trees, 
distracting her, so that another mouthful is swallowed...

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Feb 8th - Stone 11

Stumped- Feb 8th

The whiteness of the page
taunting me with its emptiness
I strive to colour it with 
letters, words, phrases
The page is no longer empty for sure,
But now its shallowness 
persists on mocking me...

Feb 7th Stone 10

Fragility Of Humor- Feb 7th

Grains of irritation
Grating the mind
Patience wearing thin
Edges getting frayed
leaving the visage threadbare

Feb 6th Stone 9

Bonded/Bound?- Feb 6th

The bride looked visibly nervous clutching somebody's arm . 
All eyes were on her, everyone eager to see how she looked, what she wore...
The ceremonies progressed solemnly.
The priest said that today was a Blessed occasion, 
Because here was a bond being forged with family sanction!?  
May the couple be happy together
The veterans smiled wearily...
The feast was delicious
For now, that's enough. 

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Feb 5th Stone 8

Growing up- Feb 5th

He leaned up from the seat in front
looking at us unabashedly
Ah! the pleasures of childhood innocence!
Soon he'll learn to mask his curiosity...
And learn to look through veiled  glances...

Feb 4th- Stone 7

Timely Awakening- Feb 4th

The breeze lashed harshly 
On came the ear plugs
The song in the bus was now a pleasant muffle.
The eyes drooping, The head  nodding, The lips half open
Welcome daze... 
Suddenly startled awake!
Time to alight! 

Feb- 3rd- Stone 6

Fever Ravaged Face

Her sunken  cheeks
flushed an angry red
burning with fever
Her swollen eyes struggled to flicker open..

Feb 2nd- Stone 5

The Silver line- Feb 2nd

The mercury crawls up the 
tube along the calibrated walls
of the glass thermometer...
I await judgement...

February 1st. Stone # 4

Looking or Seeing?

Paying attention to One Thing?
 I look at one thing, 
a hundred thoughts come traipsing in
 through the window of my eyes into my mind. 
I begin at one point an end up elsewhere. 
Sometimes the eyes, they perform 
the biological function of looking 
but seeing happens with my mind, 
and sometimes the thought falls 
deeper into the soul.  
The thoughts get stirred in words and language
 and the clamour of mute voices silence the world outside.
 Then they die an unknown death 
without having sought to be expressed ...
I keep looking without seeing...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

January 31 Stone # 3

Blood and Gore

Two spots of blood on the wall!
 Two spots of blood on the wall of the room- in the hospital.
 She is sprawled on the bed next to the wall. 
She has not seen the blood spots on the wall. 
I keep looking at the spots.
 I feel uneasy. 
I find myself thinking about the story 
behind the blood spots...