Thursday, August 11, 2016

Amorphous musings

reticence misconstrued as aloofness
loquaciousness assumed as friendliness
why does amiability need to be verbose
silence can be sincere and not sinister

Please let me be...

I want to become increasingly silent,
especially on the outside,

I don’t want to be dragged
into the clamour of noises around me.

I want to remain untouched
by all the brouhaha around me, about me.

I want to remain stable, balanced,
in spite of everything.

I want to watch, I want to listen.
I want to remain silent.
I want to be ‘allowed’ to remain silent.

I don’t want to worry
about how people might judge me
for wanting to be left alone.

I want to creep inside me,
deep within the
innermost recesses of the mind .
And I want to remain there.

No heal, no repair

That the written word
could reverberate  loud
louder than thunder

That the written word
could scorch right through the soul
leaving in its wake raw , acrid blisters

That the written word
could leave one writhing
in painful anguish

That the written word
could fester and foment
as scratches on the heart

for a long time to come...