Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sanctum of Silence

seeking solace in silence
silence is loud
silence is easier
silence is comfy

the air is dense
with unspoken thoughts
words not uttered
reluctant  to spill

when there's nothing to be said
how does one make small talk
carving  words from nowhere
creating contrived sounds

such a pain, such a waste

don't mistake my silences
but if no happy words
why speak at all?

crawling into myself
seeking refuge 
am not angry, am not sour
just that silence is soothing
silence is easy
silence is comfy

I love the sound of silence...

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


discontent thick like an oil slick
leaching the soul 
bitterness gnawing the insides
scourging it raw

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Life decoloured

They bathed her in turmeric

draped her in scarlet silk

adorned her with crimson bangles
smeared her parting with vermillion

strung her hair with jasmine...

Then amid wailing and tears

they swathed her in white

shattered her bangles

smudged the vermillion

ripped away the jasmine

leaving her stripped and bereft

in body, mind and soul...

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Monday, March 3, 2014


the burnished last leaves of autumn 
lying in wait for tranquil footsteps
their muted sighs rustling in the wind...
waiting  to whisper in my ears
tales unspoken, unheard
before they shrivel and drop...
why don't I tarry, the walk is  eternal,
the time is beyond, I'm in no hurry.
For I've no promises to keep before I sleep... 

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