Saturday, December 21, 2013


teetering on the brink hovering over another world, another time... possibilities,probabilities never visited,never ventured
but in dreams...

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Looking askance questions looming Answers sought None forthcoming...

Gone forever

Its been awhile
the vales had been silent
the waves had ebbed
the soul lulled to slumber
and then from the beyond
again a beckon...

shhh...A plea;

do not awaken 
sleeping thoughts
the time is past
do not reckon...

that which was, ceases
that which is, remains
that which cannot, doesn't;

let bygones be bygones...

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the days have trundled by 
in pleasant lethargy 
a tinge of pall lines the horizon...

standing at the fringes of Time
anticipating the tides to change...

Loud Silences

a thought is born unbidden seeking escape it shall not find words to adorn deep inside the soul it remains hidden, unspoken

no words shall escape my lips, 

my thoughts shall remain caged - 
hear my silences ,understand, respond...

the loveliest thoughts are left unspoken...

Feeling you...

when the skies darken the wind caresses my hair the crimson of the horizon spreads across my cheeks I close my eyes and find you beside

why is it that on such days as this I feel you are not afar but somewhere near...


Until we make the decision, 
the mind vacillates. 
Pause, hear the voice of your soul and choose- 
don't turn back...

Crests and Troughs

a world deep inside, a world separate, a world far removed...
and then some fetters drag you in,suck you in, 
you tug, you pull to stay afloat...

the ripples recede,the waters are placid once again,

you sink into the illusory stupor 
until yet another stone is thrown
into the river of life..

In vain...

a nudge, a whisper, a yawn, 
stray words to clinch attention...
all futile shots...
random oblivion 
or conscious neglect?

Sting of Envy

a sharp twinge of envy...
singeing the soul
no salve that soothes
the searing sting...

Moving on...

the sound of my name on your lips the call for me in your voice... to listen, to respond, once again...

to have spoken, to have listened,

retracing some steps from the past... 
the heart is gladdened; 
and the present is enlivened

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Spreading cheer...

surly faces rapt in centered zones
the conductor though was in a witty mood
chirping merrily random comments
slowly, warily glances exchanged,smiles flickered
 the world inside the bus had become a warmer place...

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Pack of Dominoes

A series of events unravel
like a pack of toppling dominoes
now to stack them up again
neatly, correctly
such a pain, let them remain
scattered, fallen... 

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The twilight blaze
pours its molten gold
into the blue...

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The sky beckons
avowing Eternity;
I feign ignorance
The ripples have receded for now,
the surface is placid;
who looks beneath-
the beguiling serenity...

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