Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Most Beautiful Thing

                                                        MY MOST BEAUTIFUL THING 


When I think about my most beautiful thing, I can only think about moments in my life that have spurred exquisite joy, untold gratitude within me. Such beautiful moments have been splattered on the fabric of my life at random moments , enriching its hue and texture. Moments that I've been aware of as being most Special Blessings even as they unfolded into the weft and warp of my present. Moments that I enjoyed while experiencing them and watching them with full awareness. Moments that I highlighted and then set them aside in the recesses of my soul, knowing that I would want to revisit them , savouring the richness and the flavour over and over again in the future.

Some such moments fell into my lap during my recent stay with my brother and family. It was a most beautiful time that I had with them and I kept on gathering the sparkling gems of memory each day. The love and the care that was doled out to me by the dollops, I lapped up greedily. Small, simple daily gestures of affection, care and consideration borne of love had my heart brimming with joy and gratitude.  It was sheer delight to spend quality time with my brother, sister- in-law and my two darling nephews.  I do not know what Tomorrow may bring, but I do know that the sacred memory of the last two months with my brother's family, I'll cherish until my last breath.  

Those exquisite moments of-                                                       
joy, gratitude and serenity                                                                  
swelling within the soul;
threatening to burst forth 
as tears through the eyes...
I close my eyes, 
clutching my memories- 
tight to my soul;
I whisper my Thanks -
to the Universe,
For The Most Beautiful Moments!

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